14 November 2013
Sparkroot Coffee
245 East Congress, Tucson, Arizona
Blue Bottle beans. That was the hook. Sure, Sparkroot is an intriguing name. WTF is a Sparkroot? But, the fact that this fine place purchases, grinds and brews Blue Bottle beans was a pretty decent indicator that, whatever else a Sparkroot is, it's a place for fine coffee.

I visited.
It is.

It's also quite a bit more. The founder, Ari Shapiro, answers the question of what a Sparkroot is, by saying, "So just what is Sparkroot? Coffee is the soul + heart, but we’re so much more… a novel concept that pulls the best parts of a coffee shoppe, restaurant and bar into one space–that is truly for everyone." Yeah, I don't know what he's saying. All I know is that they make a great espresso, offer pour over drip, and you can buy beans to continue the fun at home. The food offerings are interesting and well prepared.

A very cool space, as well. From the Old Wurlitzer jukebox, to the repurposed "Think" railing post sign, to the eclectic tables and chairs, this place exudes cool. Oh, and did I mention, they serve alcohol?

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