About Today

So, I once traveled for work. A crazy amount of travel. Though, as long as I had to be be out there, I managed to fill the margins with local experience. 4:00am, when the world is still. The 45 minute space between the meeting and the dinner. The drive from the airport to the hotel. Every free minute. Culture. Music. Arts. Graffiti. Photography. BBQ. Coffee. I made the day count. When you're on the road, do you long for that perfect espresso or cappuccino, the one you drive to instinctively in your own home town? Do you wonder where they hide the BBQ the locals eat? Or, where the food trucks hide? I do. I scour web sites. I ask the locals. I drive the alleys and neighborhoods looking for street art. I even check the websites of Roast 808, Intelligentsia, Mudhouse and other roasters to find out who they sell coffee beans to, in whatever town I'm in. If you know who Roast 808 is, you're either in the right place, or you don't need to read whatever frothing nonsense I'll offer up here. If you don't, but look for the experience yourself, read on.

Peace Among the Ruins

19 March 2015
Angkor Wat
Siem Reap, Cambodia ...more

Ivy League Charm without the GPA

3 September 2014
The Highline Hotel
180 Tenth Avenue, New York, NY ...more

A Virtual Oasis

23 June 2014
The Kimber Modern Hotel
110 The Circle, Austin, Texas ...more


22 January 2014
Hotel Thoumieux
79 rue Saint Dominique, 75007 Paris ...more


17 December 2013
Manic Coffee
426 College St, Toronto, Canada ...more

Not that Drake Hotel

17 December 2013
The Drake Hotel
1150 Queen Street, Toronto, Canada ...more


25 November 2013
Ace Hotel
20 W 29th St, New York, NY ...more


14 November 2013
Sparkroot Coffee
245 East Congress, Tucson, Arizona ...more

Sticks and Stones

31 October 2013
What's in a name?
Starbucks Coffee Company ...more

Life Cycle

Swift Meat Packing Plant
Fort Worth, TX ...more

We've only just begun to be only just beginning

4-6 October 2013
Austin City Limits Festival ...more

The old, tin can drew me in

4 October 2013
Micklethwait Craft Meets
1309 Rosewood Avenue, Austin, TX ...more

Gin, Smoke and Lies

4 October 2013
Turnpike Troubadours Concert ...more

Heat lightening rumbles in the distance

30 September 2013
Austin City Limits ...more

Look for the graffiti

9 September 2013
Crema Coffeehouse
2862 Larimer Street, Denver, CO ...more